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Latest News - Designer goods

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Two men jailed in £150m a year in complex fake designer clothing scam

06 June 2023

Two men have been sentenced to a combined total of 31 years in jail for one of the UK's largest-ever carousel tax frauds. Sock manufacturer Arif Patel and his co-accused, Mohamed Jaffar Ali, were involved in a fraudulent scheme claiming VAT repayments on false exports of textiles and mobile phones, and sold counterfeit clothes worth at least £50 million.

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Nike adds new defendants in custom sneaker lawsuit

24 August 2022

Nike is adding to the list of defendants facing off against it in a pending lawsuit over allegedly “customized” footwear. In an amended complaint that it lodged with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California on August 18, the Beaverton-based sportswear behemoth claims that not only is sneaker customizer Customs By Ilene, Inc., dba Drip Creationz (“Drip Creationz”) on the hook for trademark infringement and dilution, and counterfeiting for offering up modified sneakers, as well as outright fakes that bear Nike branding, affiliated entity Dripz 2.0 is similarly liable, as are the companies' co-founders and owners Ilene Arellano, Raymond Quiroz, and Brian Porter, who Nike claims are actively trying to “hide their own infringing actions” in light of its lawsuit.

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Manchester trader fined over fake goods made with cadmium and lead

26 October 2021

A trader who sold jewellery made with harmful heavy metals, some of which was found to contain 800 times more than the safe limit, has been fined.

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ACG Goes Live on BBC Crime Watch

22 September 2021

This morning The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) Director General, Phil Lewis took his turn in the spotlight as he appeared as a special guest on the real-life crime programme.

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Counterfeit handbag trader lands huge fine after successful prosecution

10 February 2021

In September 2018, Officers from Manchester City Council Trading Standards, GMP, and brand representatives raided Jamie Bags Ltd, in Woolley Street

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ACG feature on BBC Defenders UK

22 October 2020

ACG and its brand members or representatives featured in yesterday's episode of the BBC Defenders UK as they took part in a stop and search exercise in Birmingham.

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Bovingdon Market Raid

12 October 2020

On Saturday 3 October, the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) and brand representatives along with Hertfordshire Trading Standards, National Markets Group for IP Protection (NMG) and Hertfordshire Constabulary raided Bovingdon market, known for intellectual property infringement.

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Manchester police raids seize counterfeits worth £7.5million

12 March 2020

Manchester police raids seize counterfeit bags and clothes 'worth £7.5m'

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Fake items and TV streaming raids

23 December 2019

HOUSES have been raided by council officers investigating illegal TV streaming and counterfeit goods.

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Nearly £3 million fake designer-label goods seized by Border Force officials in the run-up to Christmas

22 December 2019

Counterfeit Gucci scarves and fake Nike trainers are among more than 10,000 items confiscated in a crackdown on organised crime gangs trying to exploit the UK market.

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