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Enfield's Cut To Trading Standards Endangers Public and Encourages Criminality

13 June 2023

The Anti-Counterfeiting Group is deeply concerned by Enfield Council's decision to reduce its Trading Standards Service from four officers to just one. This exemplary department plays a crucial role with enhancing a safe and fair trading environment and protecting consumers and businesses from counterfeiters and other criminals.

The borough risks becoming the first in the UK without a proper Trading Standards service, which could lead to a lack of enforcement of laws aimed at consumer protection. The Trading Standards Manager has resigned in protest.

Phil Lewis the Director General of the ACG says, “The UK is facing a growing threat from transnational criminal organizations that use profits from the fake trade to fund even more menacing forms of illicit activities, such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, modern slavery, and other new digital organized economic crimes aimed directly at consumers”.

The trade of fake goods in the UK is valued at £9.3 billion, resulting in £1.3 billion annual losses that could have been used for vital public services. However, the damage is not just economic. Fake goods are not only inferior versions of genuine products, but they are also increasingly dangerous. The influx of fake electrical, pharmaceutical, alcohol and beverages, household products, car parts, and machined products is putting more unsuspecting consumers at risk.   

Last year, Enfield Trading Standards successfully prosecuted a jeweler for selling fake designer gold jewelry and seized goods worth £34,000 that would have otherwise flooded into criminal hands.

The risks for consumers and our job-providing businesses are clearly escalating. Trading Standards are our front-line defense, and to witness a decision to devastate such a vital and excellent service is nothing less than frightening.

ACG urges Enfield Council to reconsider its decision and work with Trading Standards to ensure that consumers and businesses in the area are adequately protected.



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