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Latest News - Markets & Car Boot Sales

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Newcastle-under-Lyme Market is the Real Deal

03 June 2021

The Council is the first to gain a national accreditation protecting local shoppers and genuine traders since the pandemic began. It is voluntarily signing up to the Real Deal charter, working with Staffordshire County Council, as part of ongoing work to enhance the growing Newcastle-under-Lyme Market.

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Market traders ordered to pay £136,476 after selling fake trainers and clothes at Leysdown, Sheppey

11 March 2021

Two market traders who set up a stall at a Sunday boot fair at Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey to sell fake clothes have been ordered to pay back £136,476 of their illegal gains. Kent County Council's Trading Standards team went to Maidstone Crown Court to get the order under the Proceeds of Crime Act following successful prosecutions in 2019.

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ACG feature on BBC Defenders UK

22 October 2020

ACG and its brand members or representatives featured in yesterday's episode of the BBC Defenders UK as they took part in a stop and search exercise in Birmingham.

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Counterfeit goods seized in trading standards sting at Whitechapel Market

23 December 2019

More than 400 fake goods have been seized from market stalls in Whitechapel in a Trading Standards sting targeting rogue traders trying to fleece Christmas shoppers.

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Nearly £3 million fake designer-label goods seized by Border Force officials in the run-up to Christmas

22 December 2019

Counterfeit Gucci scarves and fake Nike trainers are among more than 10,000 items confiscated in a crackdown on organised crime gangs trying to exploit the UK market.

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‘Fake free markets' marks decade of helping buyers

21 December 2019

Now shoppers across the UK are increasingly likely to enjoy a genuine purchase from their local market, thanks to a consumer-friendly ‘Fake-Free Markets' charter which is seeing its 10th anniversary.

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Beware, that counterfeit Christmas gift could be funding modern slavery

20 December 2019

Buying counterfeit Christmas gifts has much wider implications than many imagine. Eighty-three per cent of all fakes come from South East Asia and are the result of workers, including children, held in some of the world's worst sweatshop factories.

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Counterfeit Peppa Pig and Disney toys seized in Salford

19 December 2019

Thousands of counterfeit Minions, Peppa Pig, Avengers, My Little Pony and LOL Surprise toys worth more than £800,000 have been seized by authorities.

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Fake Frozen toys seized in Rugeley trading standards crackdown

16 December 2019

The counterfeit items were being sold for discounted prices – with the Disney princess toys, usually priced between £15 to £25, being sold for around £10.

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Dodgy dealer told to pay £6,000 for flogging fake designer clothes at Dagenham Sunday Market

13 December 2019

Trading standards officers seized 436 items of clothing with Ralph Lauren and Nike logos including jumpers, t-shirts and tracksuits.

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