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Latest News - Counterfeit

ACG Awards for Excellence 2023 winners' announced

21 June 2023

The ACG Awards for Excellence 2023 winners were announced at the CTSI's Annual Conference on Wednesday, June 21, where attendees celebrated the officers and departments that had gone above and beyond in enforcement against criminal counterfeiting measures and the transnational networks involved in this increasingly dangerous form of organised crime.

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World Anti-Counterfeiting Day: Highlighting the Soaring $464 Billion Global Trade in Fake Products

06 June 2023

Every year in June, ACG and partner organisations worldwide commemorate World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. It is a day to increase efforts to raise awareness and take greater action to tackle the global trade in fake products, which is now worth a staggering $464 billion USD.

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Two men jailed in £150m a year in complex fake designer clothing scam

06 June 2023

Two men have been sentenced to a combined total of 31 years in jail for one of the UK's largest-ever carousel tax frauds. Sock manufacturer Arif Patel and his co-accused, Mohamed Jaffar Ali, were involved in a fraudulent scheme claiming VAT repayments on false exports of textiles and mobile phones, and sold counterfeit clothes worth at least £50 million.

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How the Bank of England prevents currency counterfeits

28 August 2022

The Bank of England, responsible for the UK's currency, has been trying to keep up with technological changes. They have developed several security measures that prevent counterfeiters from making fake versions of their money and passing them off as real ones. The Bank of England uses sophisticated technology to make the money bills unique and prevent counterfeiting. The high-tech features of their banknotes include hidden threads, watermarks, micro printing and holograms.

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Cheetham Hill: Nine arrested in anti-counterfeit goods raids

21 July 2022

Nine people have been arrested after a series of police raids targeting people selling counterfeit goods.

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Pontypool fraudster caught selling fake Moncler and Prada T-shirts

18 July 2022

A FRAUDSTER has been caught selling fake designer T-shirts that included dodgy Moncler, Prada, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton gear.

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ACG represents more than 3,000 brands affected by this influx of fakes into the UK and delivers an international network of information, advice and contacts on all aspects of IP protection. Working with Government and law enforcement agencies since 1980, ACG is focused on providing an effective and sustained response to counterfeiting.

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