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ACG Protecting Brands Online Roundtable with Bukalapak

04 October 2021

ACG members were able to meet with the team at Bukalapak for a roundtable discussion regarding plans to stop counterfeit goods being sold online. Bukalapak is an Indonesian technology company which specialises in e-commerce, was founded in 2010 and has over 70 million active monthly users.

Those that joined in on the discussion got a chance to help build a relationship with Bukalapak and explore the needs of both the platform and ACG members.  Bukalapak are a new platform and don’t have the resources like others, to be able to remove counterfeit goods on their site. They have used basic technology to help remove sellers who hare infringing on Intellectual Property (IP) rights, but took this time to reach out to IP rights owners to understand what they need to do, to get on top of the threat.

This roundtable gave members the opportunity to discuss what works best for them and how Bukalapak can support them. They got an insight into how they currently deal with reports of intellectual property infringement and what the Bukalapak team do currently, when it comes to removing products and repeating infringers. They are keen to keep communication strong to help improve the experience for IP infringement reporters.

The Roundtable allowed for an open forum where ACG members could be honest, ask questions and tell the Bukalapak team what they needed, which allowed for a comprehensive and thorough discussion allowing for future proactive work, in helping Bukalapak fight the problems.

This event is the tenth in a series of Protecting Brands Online Roundtables offered free of charge to our members. The next one will be held with Tokopedia again so that members can get an insight into their newly developed notice and takedown portal which will be on 4 November 2021.

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