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Don't Toy with Children's Safety

07 October 2021

This week the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) published a report highlighting that 88% of toys bought from 3rd party online sellers were found to be illegal for sale in the UK and that 49% of toys tested were unsafe for children to play with.

This report although startling, also backs up what the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) has been reporting for years about the growth of dangerous fake goods. Before we left the EU a key report from EU customs authorities revealed, that 37% of fake goods detained at European borders, including the UK, were found to be a threat to health and safety.

Phil Lews, Director General of the ACG warns consumers that these dangerous products are “Infiltrating legitimate online markets, auction platforms and social media sites and hiding behind bogus website stores, criminals have escalated the sale of fake products to consumers who think that they are buying genuine, safe products at bargain prices. In fact, these products often turn out to be nothing more than shoddy and dangerous tat that endanger our families.”

On the back of this report ACG once again questions whether politicians properly understand the risks. There has been refusal for dangerous counterfeits to be included in the Government’s Online Safety Bill.  Moreover, criminals are extracting £11 billion in sales revenue from the UK economy, which is then used for other forms of organised crime instead of jobs and public services.

The BTHA report clearly shows we need to do more to protect consumers business and the economy from the rise of organised criminals who have no conscience when it comes to making money.

To find out more and sign the BTHA petition to help stop the sale of unsafe toys from third-party sellers via online marketplaces, click here

To stay safe when buying online, follow the ACG Guidance here

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