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Celebrating Women and World IP Day

26 April 2023

Celebrating Women and World IP Day


Get ready to be inspired. It's World Intellectual Property Day, and the ACG is thrilled to celebrate the incredible contributions women inventors, designers, and creators have made throughout history. From Marie Curie's groundbreaking research on radioactivity to the genius of Coco Chanel and Adele Goldberg, who presented the Smalltalk system to Steve Jobs, women have changed the world as we know it. 



But let's face it, these trailblazers may not have received the recognition and protection they deserved without the global intellectual property rights system. Today, we still face counterfeiters and criminal networks who steal ideas, concepts, and designs, threatening the economy and the livelihoods of creators.


That's why ACG works with international partners, including Anti Copying in Designs, to battle the criminals involved to protect and support innovation. To celebrate this spirit of creativity, we're excited to share the EU Observatory's report on "Women in Design," which shines a light on the under-representation of women in the design profession and the gender pay gap


The underrepresentation of women in innovation and intellectual property (IP) is a missed opportunity for businesses and society as a whole.


While progress is being made, gender parity in the use of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is not expected to be achieved until 2064.


On World IP Day, let us celebrate the contributions of women inventors, designers, and creators throughout history and call for greater gender equality in innovation and IP.


Aspiring women inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs can learn more about how IP rights can support their business goals, and we can all collaborate to promote diversity and inclusion. 


You can check it out here in 23 languages.



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