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APPG Illicit Trade Meeting - 9 December 2020

10 December 2020

The Anti-Counterfeiting (ACG) Director General Phil Lewis attended the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Illicit Trade Meeting yesterday.

Counterfeited goods make up the largest value of illicit trade, which robs the local economy of jobs and economic growth with funds going to organised crime groups and putting consumers at risk when buying potentially unsafe and ineffective products.

Phil was asked to present at the APPG Meeting, using his knowledge of current affairs. He presented to the group on the ‘Impact of Brexit on Counterfeiting Trade’ which covered the scope and scale of counterfeiting trade with Brexit looming and the ACG view on Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement during this period.

The presentation covered three key issues that Brexit will have on counterfeiting and IP Enforcement including: trade and security, resources and cooperation. The use of new regulations, systems and infrastructures that must be in place from ACG’s view and weighing up the information and guidance that is available for enforcement on how to tackle the problem to ensure security and safety on top of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As many at the meeting were from non-counterfeiting related groups, the platform allowed to get the general counterfeiting story across on how counterfeiting impacts the UK outside of Brexit and Covid-19, showing that it is an on-going issue and that these are only some recent barriers stopping the impact of IP Enforcement.

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