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ACG host Illicit Trade and Counterfeiting Workshop

08 May 2019

Illicit trade and Counterfeiting Workshop - News article

More than 40 experts from enforcement, government agencies and brands attended ACG’s workshop today, to address the complex issue of illicit trade and counterfeiting.

Alexandria Reid from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) opened the workshop with a presentation on illicit trade and how it is a threat to national security.

Dave Lowe, UK IPO led the morning panel discussion. Panel members from;  the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), OECD Countering Illicit Trade Taskforce, Messerig and the Anti-Illicit Trade Industry Working Group supported Dave in outlining the growth and complexity of today’s evolving supply chains in illicit trade and counterfeiting.

Delegates were then invited to actively contribute to the debate and provide their individual thoughts and ideas on how supply chains have evolved and how the main issues raised by the panel could be addressed.

Later in the afternoon Erik Madsen for The Rights Alliance, along with panel members from; EUROPOL, Ellis and Associates and UNICRI outlined a range of tools and actions that have been used to successfully disrupt supply in illicit trade and counterfeiting. Again delegates fed in their ideas and experiences.

“It has been a privilege to share the stage with these guys today. The collective knowledge and expertise in this room is astounding and ACG is grateful for everyone’s input. This ACG workshop has been a huge step forward in developing effective approaches to combat this growing form of criminality” commented Phil Lewis, ACG Director General.  

The outcomes for the day will be collated and a report produced to highlight new approaches to tackling illicit trade and counterfeiting. ACG intend to utilise the outcomes from the day and drive forward new, more effective enforcement initiatives. 

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