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ACG exposing the truth behind counterfeiting on Channel 5 Programme

11 January 2022

Today, Channel 5 aired episode 20 of the Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law programme.

This episode saw an undercover team head to Bovingdon Market to see if an organised crime gang behind fake goods are back and up to their old tricks.

Phil Lewis, the Anti-Counterfeiting Groups (ACG) Director General spoke on the programme about the background to counterfeiting and that the traders of fake goods receive money which is hard to track, between all the different individuals involved in the crime and that it is known that the money they receive funds other forms of criminality.

The programme revealed that millions of counterfeit goods are seized a year and that the counterfeiting market is worth 14 billion pounds. Counterfeit goods come into the country by both air and sea and is then transported via road to where they are sold to consumers.

Graham Mogg, the Anti-Counterfeiting Groups Intelligence Co-Ordinator mentioned on the programme that Camden, which has seen many ACG raid actions due to being known for openly displaying fake goods like football shirts, luxury branded handbags and accessories, cosmetics, perfume and even electrical goods. Graham knows first-hand that there has been over £1 million worth of goods seized during raids in Camden over recent years.

The bags from recent raid at Camden are filled with counterfeit goods in the programme and have a street value of £30,000 which would be a full retail value of over £100,000. Graham then showed during the programme what happens to those items that are seized.

Any clothing that has branded stitching on it is removed and the garment is given to charity while other materials like leather and rubber are shredded. This is to stop items like these going to landfill and to be more sustainable. The shredding’s are then turned into things like pet bedding, plant pots and even cleaning cloths.  

The Anti-Counterfeiting Group alongside its members and enforcement officers within Trading Standards, Border Force and Police are all helping to stop counterfeit goods form being sold. This helps to protect consumers, legitimate businesses and the economy and stops the funding of criminal activity.

If you missed the programme you can watch Episode 20: Shoplifters & Scammers: At War With The Law | here

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